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A 11years old develops AI app that detects eye diseases with almost 70% accuracy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) based application has been created by an 11-year-old girl from Kerala, Leena Rafeeq.This application helps to detect eye diseases and other conditions relating to eyes using an iPhone through a specialized scanning method. Ms.Rafeeq ,at the age of 10  named the application as ‘Ogler EyeScan’ and developed it further.

She demonstrated a video about her application and the functions of ‘Ogler EyeScan’ using the Linkedin platform, it showed that the Ogler EyeScan identifies conditions like Arcus, Pterygium,Melanoma, and Cataract with the help of some trained models.She conveyed that her application can analyze and detect various specifications like color and light intensity, look-up points and distance to place the eyes within the given frame using ” Machine learning and Advanced Computer Vision”. Any light burst issues can also be identified if the eyes are postured exactly inside the frame of the scanner.

Initially, Ms Rafeeq developed this app with SwiftUI without using any third-party packages or libraries and it  took six months for her to develop an innovative app.The self-taught young coder said that she acquired more knowledge about the various eye conditions while developing this application. The developer also said that she learnt different details about the algorithms, computer vision, machine learning models, and more advanced levels of iOS development that includes sensor data,CoreML, AR, CreateML, and many more,yet the application can be supported only in the iPhone 10 and above versions with iOS 16+ versions.

She is expecting for her application to be listed soon in the App store and many users were left astonished with her creative idea of developing an AI. They congratulated her for bringing out such a wonderful innovation in life at such a young age.

The accuracy of the application is almost 70 percent and the difficulties were encountered with the presence of shining and eruption from lights which is provoked by the distance that is required to scan through the device. Metrics and detection were implemented for light-related matters and issues, which reminds the users to re-scan.

Currently it focuses on training more advanced technology models, and once the Ogler application is acknowledged by the App Store, it will be updated.

It seems like Rafeeq’s family has huge talents, as her nine years old younger sister Hana had gone viral for becoming the youngest iOS developer in the previous year.She had created a very special storytelling app called HANAS in her eight years and the Apple CEO Tim Cook has praised her for the unique work.

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