Bihar CM Nitish Kumar says BJP is Worried About INDIA’s Unity.

Indian National Developmental, Inclusive Alliance has scheduled two meetings previously, in Patna and Bengaluru, and the third gathering is anticipated to happen on 31st August and 1st September in Mumbai. This forthcoming meeting aims to outline the alliance’s future approach.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar mentioned on August 27 in anticipation of the upcoming third meeting of the INDIA in Mumbai that the unity of the Opposition has led to a sense of fear among BJP leaders. He further said that political parties are also expected to participate in the Mumbai gathering. Mr. Kumar played a significant role in uniting the Opposition parties and facilitating a shared platform is remarkable. After the inspection of a construction work in Patna, while speaking to reporters,

Mr.Kumar- leader of the Janata Dal (United) said, Rashtriya Janata Dal leader and former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad had said that INDIA will safeguard the democracy which is presently in risk as PM Narendra Modi is making efforts to exclude the constitution that was framed by Bhim Rao Ambedkar. “The BJP is totally aware that the Opposition parties lacked unity previously, but the initiative from Nitish Kumar has brought them together. Their apprehension stems from the potential losses they might incur as a result of this united opposition. It’s evident in their continuous attacks . However, their opinions about don’t concern me, and I will remain committed to my work,” said Mr. Kumar.

Nitish Kumar restated that he didn’t have any personal ambition beyond uniting the opposition. He emphasized that the upcoming Mumbai meeting will involve the participation from the political parties as well. The agenda of the meeting includes the allocation of Lok Sabha seats. “I will attend the third meeting in Mumbai, where we’ll address various matters. More political parties will join, and we’ll finalize certain issues. I also believe it’s important to discuss seat allocations,” Nitish conveyed about his plan.

Deputy CM Tejashwi Prasad Yadav strongly criticized the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging him for selling the country’s public enterprises and resources to private corporations in the name of reforms. Yadav said that this approach can negatively impact the poor, farmers, and the nation’s interests. He questioned the reason behind transferring significant national assets to a select group of private companies and questioned the Modi government to explain how this could benefit the country’s economy. Yadav affirmed his commitment, along with the people of India, to resist any attempts to hand over the nation’s assets to a privileged few capitalists, pledging to stand against such actions.

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