Communal Tensions Run High in Jodhpur as 51 Arrested Amidst Violence, Section 144 Imposed to Maintain Law and Order

A night of chaos and destruction unfolded in Jodhpur’s Soorsagar area on Friday night, leaving several people injured and causing widespread damage to property. The trouble started when a group of residents opposed the construction of a gate on the rear side of an eidgah near Rajaram Circle, citing concerns that it would increase foot traffic in the area.

The construction of the gate, which began on Friday evening, was met with resistance from the local community, leading to a confrontation that soon turned violent. Stones were hurled at police officers, injuring two, and a shop, a tractor, and a jeep were set on fire. The situation was further exacerbated by vandalism and arson, with several houses in the area, including those in Vyapariyon ka Mohalla, Ambon ka Bagh, and Subhash Chowk, being targeted.

Police officers attempted to disperse the crowd using batons and tear gas shells, but the mob persisted in throwing stones at them. The authorities eventually managed to restore order by firing 4-5 rounds of tear gas shells and dispersing the crowd. A brief peace was achieved after senior members from both communities intervened, but the situation quickly turned tense again due to further stone-pelting.

Fifty-one people have been arrested so far in connection with the incident, with 51 more still at large. Police have imposed Section 144 of the CrPC to maintain law and order in the area, which includes six police stations. Two FIRs have been filed – one by each side – with charges including perpetrating violence, causing interference in government work, damaging public property, disturbing communal harmony, and rioting.

The police commissioner has assured that the situation is under control and additional forces have been deployed in the area to maintain peace. Efforts are ongoing to identify houses from where stones were hurled at police officers and apprehend suspects. The authorities have vowed to take strict action against those involved in the violence.

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