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Muskan Agarwal sets a record with success in coding, receiving a Rs.60 Lakh Job offer. 

A student from IIT Una named Muskan Agarwal has made records by getting a job offer in LinkedIn worth Rs.60 Lakh per annum. In the year 2022 at TechGig Geek Goddess contest, among 69,000 women coders, she won the title of ‘Top woman coder’ and her journey began there. This competition takes place every year which is designed by TechGig for women to showcase their brilliance and innovation.

In the year 2021, Muskan who has completed her graduation (BTech) in Electronics and Communication Engineering gave her inputs to open source projects with her Girlscript Foundation. She worked on coding platforms like HackerEarth in an internship with TechCurators and also got selected in the LinkedIn mentorship program from all her hardwork and dedication.

Participating in the world’s largest student-run tech concern, she earned recognition as a Harvard WECode Scholar in the year 2022. She spread her wings from interning at MyFab11 and LinkedIn to taking leadership roles at CodeChef and Codess Cafe. All this happened from the experiences she gained.

Strengthening her role as a software development engineer at LinkedIn, Muskan got her job offer in July, 2023. Young coder’s potential in India is signified through her achievement. Her institute, IIIT Una, has seen significant success, with last year’s trainee getting Rs.47 lakhs yearly, and 86 percent of the 2019-23 batch finding placements in various entities.

At IIIT Una, her peers also got good job offers, where one earned Rs.50 lakhs and others ranging between Rs.30 to 50 lakhs. Muskan’s journey inspires the youth and creates growing opportunities for the skilled coders in India and the effect of initiatives like Geek Goddess in encouraging talent within the tech community.

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