” A Defamation case filed against Nishikant Dubey by TMC MP Mahua Moitra” 

TMC MP Mahua Moitra has filed a defamation case against BJP leader Nishikant Dubey in the Delhi High Court. This move follows allegations by Dubey that Moitra received cash and gifts as bribes in exchange for asking questions in the Lok Sabha. Moitra vehemently denied these claims, labeling them as “completely baseless.” The complaint raised also mentioned advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai and several media organisations before the Delhi High Court.

The dispute began when Nishikant Dubey wrote to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, accusing Moitra of accepting bribes from businessman Darshan Hiranandani to pose questions in Parliament. Dubey asserted that he possessed “irrefutable evidence” of this alleged arrangement, which he claimed compromised the integrity of Moitra’s parliamentary duties.

In response, Moitra sent a legal notice to Dubey, refuting the allegations and accusing him of being part of a vendetta orchestrated by Dehadrai, a former close friend with whom she had a falling out. She further accused Dehadrai of criminal trespass and theft, among other charges.

The Hiranandani Group, accused of involvement in this alleged bribery scheme, vehemently denied any wrongdoing, stating that they have always focused on business and not politics. The group claimed to have collaborated with the government in the interest of the nation and expressed its commitment to continue doing so.

On Tuesday, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla referred Dubey’s complaint against Mahua Moitra to the ethics committee of the lower house, chaired by BJP member Vinod Kumar Sonkar. This committee is tasked with investigating matters related to the ethical conduct of parliamentarians.

The development is now set to proceed to the Delhi High Court, with the matter expected to be heard by Justice Sachin Datta on Friday, October 20, according to reports from Bar and Bench.

The allegations and ensuing legal actions have raised significant concerns. Dubey’s initial accusations against Moitra included claims of criminal breach of trust, violations of parliamentary ethics, and actions detrimental to India’s national security. He also contended that the majority of Moitra’s questions in the Lok Sabha were focused on the Adani Group.

Moitra has strongly denied these allegations, expressing her willingness to cooperate with any investigation as long as similar privilege notices against BJP MPs are also examined. In the backdrop of these allegations, the Adani Group made an assertion that there has been a long-standing arrangement in place since 2018 aimed at tarnishing the reputation and interests of the company Adani Group and Gautam Adani, Chairman of the same.

As this complex legal battle unfolds, it not only highlights the intensity of political rivalries in India but also underscores the significance of maintaining ethical conduct and parliamentary integrity among its elected representatives. The matter is now in the hands of the courts, and Justice Sachin Datta’s decision on Friday will play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of this dispute.

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