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Nokia 7610 Pro Mini: the company’s new cheapest smartphone with anticipated features, powerful battery and affordable pricing. 

Shilpa M
Nokia, a trusted name in the realm of phones, is generating buzz with its upcoming release, the Nokia 7610 Pro Mini. While details are still under wraps, preliminary information suggests noteworthy features and an attractive...
Science & Technology

Japan Unveils World’s Largest Fusion Reactor, Paving the Way for Clean and Limitless Energy

TanuShree K.B
Japan has achieved a significant milestone in the pursuit of clean and limitless power with the launch of the world’s largest operational experimental nuclear fusion reactor, the JT-60SA. Unlike traditional nuclear fission, which splits atomic...
Science & Technology

Indian Developers Rank Second in GitHub Contributions for the Generative AI Projects.

Vasantha M
GitHub, which is under Microsoft’s ownership, has declared that Indian developers hold the second position in terms of contributions to artificial intelligence (AI) projects on its open-source developer platform. This underscores India’s increasing prominence in...