Month : September 2021


Theories of learning

In the current situation of this generation students or educators stay miles together from their learnings. No one likes to learn or establish new things but on the other hand, we have got hard learners...
Science & Technology

Government warns android users about a malware that could steal your banking credentials

We are all aware of various types of scams and malwares. Recently, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has issued a warning related to  banking scam to all android phone users. Let’s get...
Science & Technology

Space camera of 3.2 billion pixels captures the largest photo

Ramya M benakanahalli
The 3.2 billion pixel cameras are being used by space scientists to capture the largest photo ever. The space scientists planned to use an SUV-sized camera to take huge, sweeping pictures of the southern sky...
Nature & Environment

World biggest River Island in danger?

The world’s largest river Island is in Majuli. This Island is situated in the northeast state of Assam. The basic meaning of Majuli is ‘the land amid two rivers’. Brahmaputra river in the south and...
Science & Technology

iPhone now allows you to call and message without network

Ramya M benakanahalli
to make a call or to send the messages through any android cell we need good bandwidth and network connection. But here you need not have such network coverage to make a call and to...

Top authors faced rejections for their genuine write-ups

Becoming an author is not an easy job. It takes years together to work on passion, interest, and goals. Every author should pass the humps of challenges and rejections. Being an author, we need to...

Benefits of walking every day, Increase in cardiovascular fitness .

  Ancestors often said that walking is the best way of exercising our body to keep it fit and fine from external diseases. Walking had proved its existence 4 million years ago, the evidence of...

Advantages of opting IB diploma programme after 10th grade

Ramya M benakanahalli
Have you ever heard about IB, International Baccalaureate ? This is a high school diploma that teaches us about critical and independent thoughts. It is categorized as A-Levels or advanced placement program, which is recognized...

National Institute of open schooling tends to be online from 2022

Recently, New Delhi has reported on the introduction of India’s first education board, NIOS, which is going to commence from 2022 as a board exam online. Due to the bad hit of the pandemic personal...