Amul becomes a threat to Karnataka’s Nandini?

The popular Gujarat brand called ‘AMUL’ sells its dairy products through the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). It is now prepared to make its way into the Karnataka state, but it has been facing an adverse reaction from the other competitors of the local region.

The brand tweeted on 5th April that it will start supplying its fresh milk and milk products in Bengaluru.

In a Tweet, it communicated that, A new dairy products brand with milk and curd is coming to Bengaluru with a new wave of freshness in it.

On 8 April, The former Chief Minister and Congress leader of Karnataka- Siddaramaiah called the meeting for people and said that ” Amul products should not be purchased by the people of Karnataka” over the predictions of  merger between Karnataka’s Nandini and Gujarat’s Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL).

The Karnataka state has its local brand Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) which sells milk and milk  products with the name ‘Nandini’ and It is considered as the second largest milk producer in the country.The KMF opposed the entry of Amul into the local areas of Karnataka and tweeted with hashtags such as SaveNandini, gobackamul and so on which went trending on Twitter.

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that Nandini is not restricted only to Karnataka, it has a brand recognition and popularity in other states as well. Along with the increase in the milk production, the incentives given to the milk producers have also been increased.

In the revolt against the Amul, The President of Hotels Association – Bruhat Bengaluru, PC Rao said that all the hotels in Bengaluru have collectively come to the conclusion that they will not use any other products other than the Nandini products which will support the  local farmers of the state.

State Health Minister K Sudhakar stated that, “Nandini products are marketed in other states and countries as well and he also said that the brand ‘Nandini’ is qualified enough to face any number of competition. He further added that around 15 to 18  public and private sector milk brands are already selling their products in the state, but Nandini remains the most preferred brand by the people due to its high quality in the market. He says that it is an insult to say that  Amul is a threat to a homegrown brand like Nandini.

The Karnataka farmers have decided to carry out a huge rally against distribution of Amul on April 19th 2023 from Mandya to Bengaluru.

The Karnataka farmers have decided to carry out a huge rally against distribution of Amul on April 19th 2023 from Mandya to Bengaluru.

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