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Andhra Pradesh Student Unions and Left parties are Organizing a Bandh in Opposition to VSP on November 8.

Leaders representing various Left-leaning political parties and their associated student unions have jointly announced a statewide shutdown of educational institutions scheduled for November 8. The primary objective of this bandh is to draw attention to the situation concerning the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP).

In preparation for this event, these leaders have taken the initiative to distribute informative materials such as wall posters and pamphlets that provide a comprehensive background on the history and significance of the VSP. This educational campaign aims to bring awareness and accumulate support for the cause among the general public.

During the event, prominent leaders such as M Yugandhar, K Srinivas, Ch Ravi, and several others, addressed the audience. They expressed their concerns about the NDA government’s decision to privatize the VSP at the national level. They emphasized that this proposal lacked substantial justification, especially in light of the fact that the VSP had been consistently generating substantial profits. This move to privatize the VSP, appeared to be made without a clear and valid reason, which raised questions and prompted their opposition to the decision.

The leaders further noted that the Central government seemed to be slow in progressing with the construction of a steel plant in Kadapa, which is situated in the Rayalaseema region. They expressed their disappointment that the ruling YSRCP in the state had not effectively conveyed the significance of the VSP to the Central government. Additionally, they criticized the YSRCP for not applying sufficient pressure on the Central government to speed up the establishment of the Kadapa steel plant.

Furthermore, they raised concerns about the lack of clarity from the opposition party-TDP, regarding its stance on the privatization of VSP and the construction of the Kadapa steel plant. This unclear position from the TDP drew criticism from the leaders as they believed that a logical and positive stand on these issues was essential.

The unions made an appeal to the heads, principals, and managements of both government and private educational institutions, urging them to support the cause by participating in the bandh scheduled for November 8.

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