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Black Hole


Black hole!! Many of you would have come across this name, but what exactly is a black hole? Is it a black hole in space? Believe me even the best fails to express what it really is. What we know is it’s a dense mass formed when a massive star’s core collapses with its own gravitational field (yes, it’s more of a death of a star). Because of this it has such a gravitational pull that even light cannot escape.

Past year the first ever (real) black hole picture was photographed through “event horizon telescope”. The black hole was from the galaxy named M87 which is far far away from us i.e., 55 million light years (yeah that’s really far). The picture was nothing but a cloud of orange coloured donut (with exclusive Star dust) and yet it was dream for many scientists including Stephen Hawking which sadly stays as a dream for him. So what’s so special about this? It’s just a picture from far away galaxy. No, what it really proved is the presence of event horizon and singularity of a black hole.

Event horizon is a boundary, a boundary with a warning sign “Once in, no out” that doesn’t look like a sign you want to mess with. Imagine that your falling feet first inside a black hole, your lower body experiences more gravitational pull than your upper body. This causes your body to elongate such a way that your whole body will become a flexible bubble gum and eventually you get sucked into singularity. This whole effect is termed as spaghettification. It’s just a theory but got adapted in many movie Ex. Jumanji

The next (known) region of black hole is singularity. It is the region in black hole where gravity is strongest so whatever crosses event horizon has to reach singularity like a sinkhole in a swimming pool. By theory it as all the information stored in it, information that can date back to origin of universe. That’s one of the wisest hole you can come across. If it can stores every information without letting it out, escape is not even an option.

Black hole dense is so strong that time runs slow around it. In simple term if you were near a black hole, you can see the birth and death of a individual by old age but you would have hardly aged. This is more like a time travel fantasy movie but in real world. Literally every known galaxy as a supermassive black hole at its very heart. So it is estimated that black hole is the reason that galaxies are galaxies. Even our galaxy Milky way as a black hole named “Sagittarius A”.

Black hole is a force of destruction and creation. A pure chaotic force that can produce an orderly galaxy. A fantasy indeed. It locked many mysteries in that dense black spot, the answer to it’s mysteries is yet a unimaginable task.

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