CM Nitish suddenly falls ill, goes to hospital for treatment

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been notably active in recent weeks, especially following the Lok Sabha elections. However, on Saturday, a significant update regarding his health surfaced. CM Nitish Kumar experienced a sudden decline in his health and subsequently visited Medanta Hospital. Early Saturday morning, he reported feeling pain in his hand. To address this issue, he went to Medanta Hospital where he received treatment in the Orthopedic Department. It has been reported that the pain began when he woke up, prompting his visit to the hospital.

CM Nitish Kumar’s routine has been exceptionally busy due to the Lok Sabha elections. He has been continuously touring for election purposes. Following the election results, he held multiple meetings with party leaders in Delhi to discuss forming an NDA government. Additionally, he has been very active concerning Bihar’s administrative matters. Over the past two days, he has held continuous meetings, first with officials and then calling a cabinet meeting the next day. Amidst this hectic schedule, CM Nitish has not had much time to rest, which may have contributed to his recent health issues.

It is worth noting that CM Nitish Kumar’s health had also deteriorated during the Lok Sabha elections. After receiving news of the death of former Deputy CM and BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi, CM Nitish Kumar became unwell. Consequently, he was unable to attend Sushil Kumar Modi’s funeral. Additionally, he could not participate in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nomination and had to cancel all his election campaign events during that time. There are also reports indicating that CM Nitish had visited Medanta Hospital for a routine checkup recently.

CM Nitish Kumar’s continuous engagements and lack of rest have raised concerns about the toll it may be taking on his health. His recent visit to the hospital underscores the need for him to possibly slow down and ensure he gets adequate rest. The demands of his political and administrative responsibilities have evidently affected his well-being.

The news of CM Nitish Kumar’s sudden health issues has prompted reactions from the public and his supporters, who have expressed their concern and wished him a speedy recovery. The citizens of Bihar and his party members are hopeful that he will recover quickly and resume his duties without further health complications.

In light of his recent health scare, it remains to be seen how CM Nitish Kumar will balance his demanding schedule with the need for rest and recuperation. His ability to continue effectively leading and managing his responsibilities will depend significantly on his health and well-being. The public and his supporters continue to monitor the situation closely, wishing for his swift return to full health.

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