Coal crisis will lead India into darkness ?

n India, Delhi, Punjab and other states had to face the energy crisis. Because of heavy rainfall,
the coal price is hitting and the generations of imported coal-based power plants are less
incapacity in generating the power. Due to this, the power rates are also hiking. Stocks are
running low across the country due to the low regulated power plants.
According to grid operator’s data, the stocks of 15 days to 30days will be on behalf of the
country’s 135 coal-fired power plants; in total there will be 70% of the nation’s electricity
capacity in fuel stocks which will be less than 2 days.
Many states need to go under the power crisis in the upcoming days due to a shortage of coal.
1. Punjab: for the next few days the power will be cut for 3 hours in Punjab cities due to
grim weather in Punjab and the utility was owned by PSPCL. Lack of coal supply inside
the city, Punjab was forced to cut down on the power and load shedding for the next few
days. Depletion of coal stocks, urging the city to fire the power plants operation which is
less than 50% of generation capacity.
2. Kerala: K Krishnamurthy, Kerala’s electricity minister, made the statement regarding
power generation or power supply can be resolved by the state government and resort to
load shedding in case of shortage of power from the central pool. Kerala needs to
experience a shortage of 15% of power due to the non-availability of coal for thermal
power plants.
3. Rajasthan: the state needs to undergo a power cut for one hour on a daily basis. The
importation of the coal power plant at Mundra in Gujarat had stopped its supply contracts
for 1850 MW of electricity to Gujarat, 475 MW to Punjab, 380 MW to Rajasthan, 760
MW to Maharashtra, and 380 MW to Haryana.
4. Tamilnadu: to carry out the maintenance charges the power will be shed down for an
hour in the parts of Chennai. This was reported by the Tamilnadu generation and
distribution corporation.
5. Andhra Pradesh: this state is meeting the grid demand of about 185 – 190 mega units
daily. APGENCO operates the power generation stations that could supply 45% of the
state’s energy needs. That has coal sticks of 1 or 2 days and generation from these could
be impacted in the future.
6. Delhi: TPDDL supplies electricity to the parts of the national capital and has warned for
intermittent rotational power cuts as units supplying electricity to Delhi. Ganesh
Srinivasan, CEO made the statement that the requirement of power supplies to the city
would be lower in future days.
Therefore the above-mentioned cities will be badly affected by low power generation plants,
power cuts, and load shedding for the next few months due to coal supply in India and an increase in the price of the coal. By this statement, we can prove that India should face the
blackout crisis.

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