Conflict between Russia and Ukraine may create a war situation in 2022.

Russia’s escalation of troops on Ukraine’s border is intensifying. According to the U.S, Russia has amassed nearly one lakh troops with its latest military equipment in the eastern Europe and surrounded Ukraine from  three sides. In addition to  that, Russia has conducted  military drills in the black sea and sent its fighter jets to the north of Ukraine, while Russia has denied its accusations of having intentions on invading Ukraine.

When did conflict between Russia and Ukraine first start?

In 2014, A majority of people in the Crimea region of Ukraine claimed that they want to be a part of Russia as they share  similar culture and language, this led to a pro-Russian protest with a vast majority of people affirming to be Russians rather than citizens of Ukraine. As a result of this, Russia sent their special forces to that region and then a referendum had taken place leading Crimea to be a part of Russia. Since then nearly ten thousand people were killed by pro-Russian activists leading to rise in tension between two neighbouring countries.

Russia to invade Ukraine in 2022

Considering the latest escalation, Russia is conducting  military drills involving combat firing exercises with firing jets, bombers, anti-aircraft systems and ships from the black sea which is situated to the south of Crimea. The first batch of 6S19 ‘Balkan’ anti personnel grenade launchers were equipped by the Russian troops, being said their range of firing  has improved by 25%. Amidst this situation, USSR’s central military command has announced their five upcoming military drills in 2022. These include the inclusion of combat teams of S-400 ‘Triumf’, S-300,’Favorit’ missile systems and Pantsir-s anti aircraft missiles will be launched. It also started inspections on their combat vehicles consisting of 6000 troops in it’s southern military district.

To retaliate this, Ukraine is deploying more troops on the border and taking measures to join NATO. The U.S has put 8500 military troops ready to fly their troops to Europe in case there is an invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the other European countries of NATO put its forces on alert and sent a good number of fighter jets and ships to eastern Europe to defend Ukraine’s geographical integrity and sovereignty.

In response, many world leaders are having  virtual meetings to discuss and solve this issue. Regarding this situation, The U.S Vice President, Kamala Harris firmly stated “ We have been clear and consistent for quite some time that we respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, and we expect that Russia would do the same, and any aggressive actions taken by Vladimir Putin will be met with severe consequences.”

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