Congress in majority to win Mizoram Assembly elections

In the run-up to the Mizoram Assembly elections on November 7, the Congress party has been making significant strides, engaging to transform the state’s political landscape. Contesting all 40 seats, the party, led by its state unit chief Lalsawta, is positive about its hopes, asserting that they will secure a minimum of 25 seats. Lalsawta, an experienced politician with a clean image, has outlined an aspiring schedule for Mizoram’s future. He highlighted that the Congress is the key to guiding Mizoram away from financial mismanagement and corruption. Promising complete reforms upon assuming power, he expressed the party’s commitment to wiping out corruption and promoting good governance.

One of the focal points of the Congress’s agenda is the introduction of the Old Pension Scheme (OPS) if they regain power. Lalsawta highlighted the party’s dedication to initiating administrative reforms, ensuring a corruption-free state. To strengthen central democracy, the Congress plans to empower village councils and urban local bodies, providing them with more responsibilities and financial resources. Additionally, the party aims to boost employment opportunities through a young Mizo entrepreneurship program, aiming to create one lakh jobs. To address healthcare concerns, the Congress has proposed a health insurance cover of Rs 15 lakh per family for cashless treatment, focusing on households without permanent government employees. Furthermore, they have planned to allocate a budget provision of Rs 5 crore annually to assist patients undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses.

Addressing the issue of refugees from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Manipur, Lalsawta affirmed Mizoram’s commitment to providing assistance to those in distress. With over 31,000 refugees from Myanmar and 12,000 Kuki people seeking shelter in Mizoram due to ethnic violence, the Congress intends to work closely with the central government to handle the crisis effectively. Lalsawta criticized the ruling Mizo National Front (MNF) and dismissed the possibility of the BJP forming an alliance with them due to the MNF’s perceived poor performance. He stated that the Congress has modified itself, understanding the needs of the people and gaining their confidence through their policies. As Mizoram eagerly awaits the election results, the Congress’s promises of reform, good governance, and anti-corruption initiatives have resonated with the electorate. With their global schedule and commitment to change. The Congress party aims to bring about a new era of progress and prosperity for the people of Mizoram. The outcome of the election on December 3 will determine if these promises translate into tangible actions for the state’s future.

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