“Controversy Erupts as Cotton University Students Voice Concerns Over Proposed ‘Khao Gully’ Near Campus”

On Wednesday, students of Cotton University protested against the Guwahati Municipal Corporation’s proposal for a ‘Khao Gully” near its campus, saying it would interfere with the studious atmosphere on campus.

On Lakshminath Bezbaruah Road, where several departments were also set up, the Ghana Medical Council has defined an area near Cotton University’s hostels. It was opposed by the university student union, which stated that this would have a negative effect on the studio environment of Cotton University. The students have requested the change in their decision to set up a Khao Gully near the university, as has been demanded by the Chief Minister and GMC. 

Tridib Bhagabati, president of the Cotton University Students’ Union said, “Last night, we noticed that a small number of people arrived in 30 to 40 vehicles and set up shop on the road close to our hostels, where a few departments are situated and connect it to the main building.We have been informed that the mayor of Greater Macon County has designated this area to be set aside for Khao Gully. To that end, we would like the Government to either create an area in this field known as “Khao Gully” by removing a university or changing its designation.” There are plenty of universities in the country, and Khao Gully is nowhere to be found. It’s either going to be used for training or business, not both of those things,” he said.

If the students’ desire to alter the authorized area for Khao Gully is not met, they have threatened to stage a protest. He also said that the people, including members of the BJYM, who had come to set up their shops on the road in front of the hostels, were behaving badly towards the hostel residents and students.  “We’ve had a history of quarrels over trivial matters, but yesterday we were calm enough to give our institution a bad name”, he said.

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