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Discovery of 59 Sarcophagi in Egypt

Discovery of 59 Sarcophagi with mummified bodies buried more than 2600 years ago.

According to the statement of Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities minister Khalid-El-Anany, in an excavation in Saqqara in Egypt located to the south of cairo archaeologists found 59 Sarcophagi with mummies in many of them sealed in the traditional coffins that was buried more than 2600 years ago in multiple wells.

In reference to historical sources it is believed that the colourfully painted traditional coffins were designed to preserve the dead bodies of the priests, elites, royal and higher officials.

Hence it is now believed that the unearthed coffins with mummies in it are of the priests as per the hieroglyphic writings on them.

It is also believed that the Sarcophagi represents the 26th dynasty of the Egyptians but, surprisingly the mummified bodies are still well preserved rather than rotting unlike normal dead bodies.

Hence, according to reports these recently discovered and unearthed coffins will be soon displayed at the Grand Egyptian Museum near the Giza Pyramids.

                    -By: Aishwarya Shivakumar


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