Former Governor Satyapal Malik says ‘BJP can go to any extent to win 2024 election. Concerns about Attacks on Indian Army.

Satyapal Malik, the former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir during a recent interview with Newsclick, shared critical comments regarding the Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In the interview, Malik made an unexpected claim that PM Modi might be prepared to undertake drastic tactics to win the elections. He voiced concerns that the BJP might be ready to take extreme measures to secure victory in the 2024 general elections, suggesting the possibility of an “attack on the Ram Mandir” or a conflict that was purposefully arranged with Pakistan. Malik drew attention to the Pulwama Attack as an example, suggesting that someone capable of such an event might be willing to go to any extent to achieve political goals.

The comments made by the former Governor have exploded controversy and aroused discussions about the current political climate in the country. Considering Malik’s political experience and his prior significant roles, his statements have attracted attention from both the general public and political circles. Malik, who served as governor during critical events like the Pulwama terrorist attack in February 2019 and the revocation of Article 370 in August, had previously expressed his view in an interview with The Wire. In that interview, he had characterized the Prime Minister as “ill-informed” and “ignorant” regarding Kashmir. He had also advised the Prime Minister against commenting on the failures within the Union home ministry that contributed to the terrorist attack on soldiers in Pulwama in February 2019.

In response to Satyapal Malik’s concerns about the Union government’s tactics for the 2024 Lok Sabha election, the BJP has suggested that Malik has the potential to work as a “content writer” for an OTT platform.

On 12th September, Malik restated his previous allegations. He went on to state that “the martyrdom of the jawans in the Pulwama attack” was exploited for electoral gains during the 2019 polls by the Prime Minister, suggesting that the elections were conducted with a spotlight on the sacrifice of the soldiers. Also Malik raised questions about the government’s failure to hold anyone accountable for the attack which occurred on January 14, 2019.

When asked about potential consequences for speaking out against the government, Malik revealed that his security has been reduced, and only one personal guard has been deployed. He also mentioned that he stays in a rented apartment. Moreover, Malik highlighted that he is not afraid of any threats. He warned that if there were any attempts on his life, the repercussions would be significant, and those responsible should be cautious, by remembering that they too will retire someday, he said.

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