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Hezbollah Starts Wildfires; Large Areas of Northern Israel Burn as Fire Spreads

Northern Israel is grappling with extensive wildfires ignited by rockets launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon. These blazes have spread rapidly, with emergency services struggling to control them, leading to significant destruction across large areas. The residents and local authorities in the affected regions are urgently calling on the government to restore security and provide essential support as the fires rage on.

The situation has prompted criticism from various quarters. Opposition lawmakers have criticized the government for failing to manage the escalating border conflict with Hezbollah effectively. In contrast, far-right ministers have called for a full-scale war in Lebanon, a move the government has been hesitant to take given the ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza. The rocket fire that began on Sunday caused the wildfires to spread quickly due to the hot and dry conditions, resulting in property damage and light injuries to several people from smoke inhalation.

By Tuesday morning, the Fire and Rescue Services had most of the fires under control. However, new threats emerged when warning sirens indicated possible drone and rocket attacks from Lebanon. An Israeli interceptor missile, which apparently failed, exploded near the city of Safed, causing another fire from the falling fragments.

Residents of northern Israel, particularly those in Kiryat Shmona, which has seen severe fire damage and evacuations, expressed frustration at the government’s response. Doron Shnaper, a spokesperson for Kiryat Shmona, criticized the lack of action and security, highlighting the ongoing danger and the community’s displacement for eight months. He warned that failure to address these issues could lead to broader security threats, even reaching Tel Aviv.

The ongoing skirmishes between Israel and Hezbollah have intensified, with the Iran-backed group claiming to support Palestinians in Gaza. The cross-border attacks have resulted in civilian and military casualties on both sides, with significant damage to infrastructure and nature reserves in northern Israel. Hezbollah has reported numerous casualties among its members, with the conflict showing no signs of abating.

Calls for decisive military action are growing, with far-right cabinet members urging an all-out war against Hezbollah. National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich have both criticized the government’s current strategy, advocating for more aggressive measures to ensure long-term security.

Opposition leaders, including Yair Lapid, have condemned the government’s handling of the situation, accusing it of neglecting the northern regions and lacking a comprehensive strategy for post-conflict recovery. The call for new elections is growing louder as dissatisfaction with the current administration’s response continues to mount.

As the fires and conflict persist, the residents of northern Israel remain in a state of uncertainty and danger. The demand for robust and immediate action from the government is more urgent than ever, as the region grapples with the dual threats of wildfires and ongoing military conflict.

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