How will IGCSE schooling help your child?


Many parents wonder which educational board will help their children in all aspects.  Nowadays IGCSE is recognized and has gained more popularity due to its education structure. Let’s look into what IGCSE is all about.

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is recognized globally and its base starts from British curriculum. The main focus lies between the age of 14 – 16 year old children. The curriculum provides 70 subjects in total and has 30 languages included. They provide students to learn more and explore other languages as well. 

The IGCSE was introduced by Cambridge International Examinations in 1988. In the meantime, this curriculum was opted by schools for better learning. 

Following are the benefits which tells, why IGCSE is the best option 

  • The main advantage in studying at IGCSE based school is that the children are not only recognized internally but also in International schools and universities. In case, any student from IGCSE background decides to study abroad then there will be a smooth learning and can easily adjust to their curriculum.
  • The IGCSE curriculum adapts to teaching according to the way that students learn. 
  • It makes students think, analyze and investigate different situations.
  • IGCSE schools are connected globally and decide the new methods of teaching and create an effective learning environment.
  • IGCSE aims on conceptual learning and builds the student to inculcate various skill sets .

Educating from IGCSE based schools gives more diverse options internally and globally and an upper- hand for students’ future. 

Let’s see what can be the comparison between IGCSE and CBSE 

  • CBSE is Indian based board that offers students to write examinations in English or Hindi. Whereas, IGCSE as being global schooling only allows students to write in English as the standard language.
  • CBSE is controlled and feted by the Government of India and is recognized all over India. Whereas, IGCSE is recognized by Cambridge University and is globally accepted.
  • CBSE curriculum is based on NCERT which is set by the Government of India. In the case of IGCSE the learning is vast in any field.
  • CBSE offers students to choose the streams like commerce, science, arts etc. But, IGCSE offers 70 subjects and students can choose as per their preference.
  • CBSE focuses more on learning which includes the procedure and traditional way. Whereas, IGCSE focuses on student skill sets and includes creativity in learning. 
  • CBSE schools should follow only the prescribed Text books. In case of IGCSE, there are no textbooks as such but students will have a variety of options available. 

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