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India- Guwahati- Heavy hailstorm lushes for the first time 


Guwahati is a wonderful city situated in northeast Indian state Assam. It is the major  metropolis in northeastern India. The city lies along the Brahmaputra river and is famous for its lush green avenues and sightseeing. This place mesmerises the tourists with its  eye-catching destinations and climate.

On February 5th, Saturday, in the afternoon there was an unexpected hailstorm in Guwahati which lasted for 15minutes . The city experienced a drop in temperature and streets of Guwahati were filled with pearl white hailstones appearing like a wonderland. Even the rooftops got covered in white. 

Hail is a kind of precipitation or water present in the atmosphere in the form of tiny chunks or lumps consisting of concentric layers of ice and snow. Usually when the water droplets freeze together in the cold top regions of large clouds hail is formed. 


Traffic jams were reported at several places as people were trying to shelter themselves from the hailstorm. No damage has been reported. 

However, the crowd was surprised by the sudden hailstorm and showers. Greeting the natural phenomenon many captured the amazing view and posted it on social media.

This week the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)had already predicted that the Northeastern part of India would witness isolated rainfall on February 4 and 5.


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