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Indian Developers Rank Second in GitHub Contributions for the Generative AI Projects.

GitHub, which is under Microsoft’s ownership, has declared that Indian developers hold the second position in terms of contributions to artificial intelligence (AI) projects on its open-source developer platform. This underscores India’s increasing prominence in the field of AI.

According to GitHub’s annual State of the Octoverse report, developer communities in the United States, India, and Japan are leading the way in generative AI project creation on the open-source developer platform. They are followed by regions like Hong Kong (SAR), the United Kingdom, and Brazil. The platform has witnessed a remarkable 248% year-over-year rise in the total count of generative AI projects worldwide. Additionally, the number of individual contributors to these projects has experienced a notable 148% year-over-year increase.

Sharryn Napier, Vice President of the Asia Pacific region at GitHub, expressed enthusiasm about Indian developers’ substantial involvement in shaping the future of generative AI projects on GitHub. “Much like the impact of open source, India’s influence reaches beyond merely fostering competitive global businesses; it’s shaping the trajectory of technology and society on a broader scale,” Sharryn emphasized.

He added, “When you consider the potential impact of empowering India’s 13.2 million developers with AI capabilities, it’s not merely a revolution in enterprise innovation and productivity. It stands as a driving force in improving developer contentment and making a substantial contribution to India’s economy and society.”

According to GitHub, India’s efforts to construct its digital public infrastructure using open resources, spanning from software code to AI models, aimed at enhancing digital payment and e-commerce systems not only for its own benefit but also for other nations, have played a pivotal role in fostering the expansion of the developer community.

This coincides with a rapid increase in India’s developer community. In 2023, approximately 3.5 million new developers from India joined the platform, elevating the country’s total developer base on the platform to 13.2 million, marking a 36% annual increase. Based on GitHub’s projections driven by current growth rates, India is on track to surpass the United States in terms of the total developer population on the platform by 2027. Currently, the United States boasts a total developer base of 20.2 million, with a 21% growth in the past year.

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