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Indonesia Introduces Five-Year Multiple-Entry Visa to Boost Tourism and Business

Indonesia has recently unveiled a significant development in its visa policy, announcing the launch of a five-year multiple-entry visa aimed at attracting more visitors and bolstering business activities within the country. The Directorate General of Immigration disclosed that this initiative is part of Indonesia’s strategy to enhance its economic prospects by making travel more accessible.

The newly introduced five-year multiple-entry visa, catering to both business and tourism purposes, is expected to facilitate a smoother entry process for visitors. The Directorate of Immigration clarified that holders of this visa will be allowed to stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days, although details regarding the distribution of these days within a specified period were not provided in the announcement.

In terms of cost, the visa fee for the five-year multiple-entry option is set at $972 (IDR 15,000,000), with a mandate for online payment. This visa not only enables travelers to explore various parts of Indonesia but also allows them to connect with family and friends residing in the country. Additionally, visa holders can actively participate in events and meetings during their stay.

It is crucial to note that the primary intent of this visa is for tourism and business purposes exclusively. The Directorate emphasized that visa holders are prohibited from taking up employment in Indonesia under this specific category. Those aspiring to work or stay for an extended period must pursue alternative visa options.

The authorities have also issued warnings to visa holders, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the stipulated rules. Violations, such as exceeding the permitted stay or engaging in prohibited activities, may result in fines, deportation, and even legal charges.

Indonesia’s continuous efforts to refine its visa policies align with its broader objective of becoming a more attractive destination for international travelers. In addition to the introduction of the five-year multiple-entry visa, Indonesia is exploring the possibility of lifting visa requirements for citizens of 20 countries. This potential move, aimed at fostering the travel and tourism industry, includes nations such as Australia, India, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and others.

As Indonesia positions itself as an appealing destination for both leisure and business, these strategic visa initiatives are anticipated to contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth and global connectivity.


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