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Israel bombarded 7 mosques in Gaza violating the war norms. UN quite over Israel’s action.

Recently, the Gaza Strip has witnessed a series of devastating attacks carried out by Israel Defense Forces targeting mosques, which resulted in the tragic destruction of seven mosques.

Al-Shati Camp, which ranks as Gaza’s third-largest refugee camp, is home for over 90,000 refugees. As per Palestinian news reports, an airstrike on Al-Shati refugee camp in the Gaza Strip led to the sorrowful loss of many civilian lives and the destruction of four mosques. Tragically, on October 12th, the camp had to face another bombing, claiming additional 13 lives.

The Al Abbas Mosque, located in central Gaza, endured a barrage of rockets launched by Israeli warplanes. This assault adds to a grim tally that includes the Al-Susi, Al-Yarmouk, Al-Amin Muhammad, Ahmed Yassin, Al-Habib Mohammad, and Al-Garbi mosques in Gaza.

The escalation started due to serious tensions in the region. Hamas, based in Gaza, is an organization which is labeled as a terrorist group by numerous countries. It has different designations, with some focusing especially on its military part. When Hamas began shooting rockets at Israel, Israel’s army attacked Hamas in Gaza in response, leading to a back-and-forth fight. Tragically, the toll on human life has been substantial.

USA, UK, Australia, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, India, Canada and Poland are in favour of Israel while Hamas is backed by Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Arab League and Jordan.

Iran provides substantial material and financial support to Hamas, and Turkey offers refugee to some of its major leaders. No doubt Hamas had initiated this war but Israel seems to have violated the rules of war by bombarding the holy sites in Gaza.

Moreover, Israeli forces are accused of using white phosphorus shells in their bombardment of Gaza which can be very harmful. Shockingly, the UN is silent over this action of Israel.

This relentless cycle of violence has led to the destruction of the residence of innocent civilians and religious sites gathering heaps of ashes in Gaza. This series of bloodiest fights marks an urgent need for diplomatic decisions and international intervention to find resolution and end the sufferings of both Israeli and Palestinian communities.

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