Manipur- The Telegraph mocks Modi’s “crocodile tears” over women’s naked parade in Manipur.

Leading Indian newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ published a news article with a picture of crocodile shedding tears in the front page mocking the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, below the big crocodile picture there were 79 tiny crocodile images which represented 79 days of silence by Modi over the Manipur violence. The caption under the image said that, “To penetrate the shame and pain, it took nearly 79 days for the 56-inches chest” (PM Modi himself praises his 56-inches chest).

The violence had started from May 3 and the crocodile didn’t shed tears for almost 78 days. Every day was depicted with 78 crocodile images on the front page of the newspaper. These images symbolized Prime Minister Narendra Modi who remained silent from the beginning of the Manipur violence. According to BBC, Almost hundred people lost their lives and four hundred people got injured in the Manipur riots between the Hindu and Christian tribes.

Last Friday, a report was published by ‘India Today’ about the video where, 2 women went viral for being paraded in the streets of Manipur which trembled people all around the world. The report stated that the officials knew about the video two months ago but they did not come forward to take necessary actions against the criminals of the terrible acts.

The BJP party is ruling the Manipur state.The disturbing reports about the gangs, where the women of kuki community are being subjected to the horrific acts of violence, included brutal assaults,sexual assault and also stripping, this triggered Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After remaining silent for months, Modi made a statement in front of the Parliament that the attack which has happened in Manipur is a great insult to the country which made him feel bad, and he said that his heart is filled with anger and sadness. The Prime Minister pointed out the ministers and asked them to maintain the law and order in the Manipur state so that these kinds of attacks on women will not happen in the state anymore, the incident which happened to the daughters of Manipur state is not forgivable, he added.

There wasn’t any kind of comments or actions from the Prime Minister relating to the situation since the beginning of the riot. The Telegraph took this opportunity to mock the response of PM Narendra Modi, in which he expressed his feelings about the ongoing issue which involves mistreatment of Indian women on the streets of Manipur.

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