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Mob vs Farmers – Haryana farmers stood with Muslims saying mob Ye khade mussalman tok ke dikha do.

The Leaders of farmer bodies and Khap panchayats in Haryana have joined together in Hisar’s Baas village to express their support against the recent communal clash. They gave the assurance to safeguard and prevent any kind of harm to the members of the Muslim community. Around 2,000 individuals from various communities have attended this farmer panchayat that holds significance in threats and claimed resolutions against the entry of minority community members in some villages.

Farmer leader Suresh Koth addressed the threats faced by the members of the Muslim community stating that, “These Muslim people, show your strength and all the Khaps are responsible for their own safety.” Koth, a significant player from Hisar district ,in the farmers’ protest against the three farm laws and a Khap leader clarified that reports about the ban with respect to Muslim community in certain villages are inaccurate. His initial plan was to hold an assembly in the Baas village on August 9, due to the prominence of the Nuh violence situation, he emphasized the need to address it as a priority. The event took place on Wednesday at Baas village where farmers played a significant role in the protest against the three farm laws in 2020-21, which got canceled over time.

On Wednesday, farmers took the pledge during the panchayat that they will not participate in any kind of communal violence apart from bringing peace in Nuh district. The panchayat also demanded action against those who uploaded videos on social media for provoking people inside the state.

To uphold the communal harmony, farmer leaders stepped forward to various communities during their protest against the three farm laws. Khatkar Kalan toll plaza in Jind district is a prominent example, where farmers celebrated festivals from different religions during their revolt. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr in 2021, the farmers even conducted namaz at the Khatkar Kalan protest site.

Farmers from Mewat actively engaged in the “pakka morchas” during the farmers’ protest at the national capital’s borders. The farmer leaders believed that their protest for 13-months gradually strengthened the connections among individuals from various communities. To sustain this, the farmer leaders have constructed a series of events with an aim to nurture communal harmony in Haryana.

On Monday, various organizations had gathered in Jind town, chanting slogans of “Hindu-Muslim-Sikh, Issai” and similarly, on Saturday, local farmer leaders convened a Sarv Dharam Sammelan in Jind’s Uchana town, passing a resolution to promote unity among “Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Issai”. This approach has been implemented earlier with a similar Sarv Dharam Sammelan held at the Khatkar Kalan toll plaza during the farmer protest in February 2021.

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