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Newly Launched Vande Bharat Train Connects various Cities. 

In the midst of the enthusiasm surrounding festival travel, securing train tickets becomes a competitive endeavor, prompting a strategic move by the Indian Railways to introduce a specialized Vande Bharat service along the New Delhi-Patna route. This distinctive train voyage, spanning over 900 kilometers, marks a significant milestone as the longest Vande Bharat journey in India, traversing this extensive distance in approximately 11 hours and 35 minutes.

Scheduled for operation thrice a week, this special Vande Bharat service is a timely inclusion during the festive occasions of Diwali and Chhath. The train embarks from New Delhi on November 11, 14, and 16, while commencing its journey from Patna on November 12, 15, and 17, presenting a crucial lifeline amidst the surge in demand for travel during these celebratory periods.

With a total of 16 coaches categorized into two classes—AC Chair Car and Executive Chair Car—this New Delhi-Patna Vande Bharat train aims to provide a comfortable and streamlined travel experience for passengers. Providing upgraded facilities and seating layouts, these categories ensure a comfortable voyage for passengers.

The train’s carefully designed route links crucial stations, creating a connection between New Delhi, Kanpur Central, Prayagraj, Deendayal Upadhyay Junction, Buxar, and Arrah. This consistent route remains unchanged during the return journey, ensuring a dependable and reliable travel timetable for passengers.

Crafted to accommodate the needs of passengers, the train’s schedule aligns with their convenience, departing from New Delhi at 7:35 AM and reaching Patna by 7:00 PM. Similarly, from Patna, it commences at 7:30 AM and concludes its journey in Delhi at 7:00 PM, providing a comprehensive day’s travel while catering to various passenger requirements.

This specialized Vande Bharat service strategically addresses the escalating demand for travel during these significant festival seasons. Through a swift, efficient, and specialized transport service, the goal is to relieve the strain on standard train services and efficiently manage the rising number of passengers. This guarantees a smooth and stress-free journey, particularly amidst festive seasons.

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