Nitish Kumar’s Son’s Political Entry Sparks Speculation, Rumors Swirl in Bihar

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar and President of the JD(U), is known for his stance against dynasty politics. However, speculations are rife in Bihar that his only son, Nishant Kumar, may enter active politics. Nishant has been a reclusive figure, seen in public with his father on rare occasions. For weeks now, there have been whispers that Nitish may agree to demands from within the party for Nishant to formally join the JD(U).

The speculation intensified on Monday when Vidyanand Vikal, a party associate and head of the State Food Commission, posted on social media about Nishant’s potential entry into politics. Vikal wrote: “Bihar needs young leadership in the new political scenario. Nishant Kumar has all the requisite qualities. I share the view expressed by many JD(U) colleagues that he take the initiative and get active in politics.” Vikal’s statement has sparked widespread speculation about Nishant’s potential entry into politics.

However, Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, a former state JD(U) president and influential minister in Nitish’s cabinet, dismissed the rumors as “baseless”. Chaudhary urged party members not to publicly discuss the issue, saying it may create doubts in people’s minds. When asked if the topic has come up for discussion in his meetings with Nitish, Chaudhary remained tight-lipped, saying only that his previous statement was sufficient enough.

The JD(U) is gearing up for its national executive meeting in Delhi later this month. While no major decisions are expected to be made at the meeting, a senior party functionary revealed that it was originally scheduled for June but was delayed due to political developments. The functionary also clarified that they are not expecting any major decisions at the meeting.

Nishant’s potential entry into politics would mark a significant departure from Nitish’s stance against dynasty politics. If true, it would be a major development in Bihar’s political landscape. The speculation has sparked curiosity among party members and observers alike, who are eagerly waiting to see if Nishant will follow in his father’s footsteps.

For now, only time will tell if Nishant will take the plunge into politics. One thing is certain – Nitish Kumar’s decision will have far-reaching implications for the JD(U) and Bihar’s political landscape.

As the speculation continues to swirl around Nishant’s potential entry into politics, one thing is clear – Nitish Kumar’s decision will be closely watched by all. Whether he chooses to formalize his son’s entry into politics or not, it will be a decision that will shape the future of Bihar and the JD(U).

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