Opposition Denounces 2024 Exit Polls Predicting BJP Sweep as ‘Bogus’ and ‘Fraudulent’

In the wake of the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, exit poll results have sparked controversy and skepticism among opposition leaders, who have denounced them as “bogus” and a “fraudulent” attempt to justify election rigging. The opposition’s strong rebuttal comes in light of exit polls projecting a resounding victory for the BJP-led NDA, with expectations of breaching the 300-seat mark once again, particularly with significant gains in southern states.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh condemned the predictions, labeling them a “deliberate attempt” to legitimize electoral malpractice. MP Sanjay Raut echoed these sentiments, denouncing the exit poll exercise as a “corporate game.” Rahul Gandhi, former Congress president, went further, characterizing the polls as “Modi media poll,” alleging bias towards the ruling party. Gandhi boldly asserted that the INDIA bloc would secure 295 seats, dismissing the exit polls’ projections.

The skepticism surrounding exit polls stems from past inaccuracies. In 2019, exit polls underestimated the NDA’s performance, failing to predict their landslide victory accurately. Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar recalled a similar discrepancy in the Karnataka Assembly elections, where exit polls inaccurately projected the Congress’s electoral fate. He cautioned against placing undue trust in these predictions, emphasizing their unreliability.

Opposition figures, including Jairam Ramesh, criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s preemptive actions, such as reviewing the 100-day agenda of the “new government,” as tactics to assert dominance and intimidate civil servants overseeing the electoral process. Ramesh labeled these moves as “mind games,” aimed at signaling Modi’s return to power and potentially influencing the administrative structure.

Despite the jubilation among BJP supporters over the exit poll results, the opposition remains steadfast in their skepticism, viewing them as part of a broader strategy to manipulate public perception and undermine electoral integrity. As the nation awaits the official election results, scheduled for June 4, 2024, the debate surrounding the credibility of exit polls underscores the challenges of navigating India’s vibrant and often contentious democratic landscape.

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