PM Modi’s Swift Response to CM Nitish Kumar’s Remark, Silence for 78 Days on Manipur Daughter Paraded Naked Before the World.

In a recent address to the Bihar legislative assembly, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s comments linking women’s education to population control have sparked a heated debate, with both supporters and critics weighing in on the matter. Kumar suggested that educated women are better equipped to make informed decisions about their reproductive health, potentially contributing to population stabilization efforts.

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, joined the discussion and criticized Nitish Kumar for his remarks, deeming them objectionable. During a public rally in Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi expressed his disapproval of the comments, further fueling the ongoing controversy.

Kumar’s comments had initially triggered a wave of responses, with many arguing that he was advocating for better reproductive health education rather than population control. Nevertheless, the choice of words in his speech raised concerns among some sections of society.

In response to the controversy, Nitish Kumar issued an apology for his remarks, acknowledging the sensitivity of the topic and the need for more careful language when addressing such issues.

However, the discussion surrounding the Bihar Chief Minister’s comments has also drawn attention to another significant issue: the apparent silence of PM Modi regarding a horrifying incident in Manipur.

On May 4, a shocking incident occurred in Kangpokpi district, Manipur, where a mob allegedly molested and paraded a woman naked on the streets. The incident happened during the sectarian violence that erupted in Churachandpur district. The video footage of this incident quickly went viral, causing outrage across the nation.

What has raised concerns and sparked outrage is the perceived inaction of PM Modi, who remained silent for 77 days in the face of this appalling incident. It was only after 78 days that he finally addressed the issue, albeit briefly, for 30 seconds.  https://www.theoligo.com/manipur-the-telegraph-mocks-modis-crocodile-tears-over-womens-naked-parade-in-manipur/

The Manipur incident has raised questions about the role of the ruling BJP party, the Women’s Commission Ms Rekha Sharma and PM Modi in addressing such atrocities. Many are comparing the response to this incident to the recent controversy surrounding Nitish Kumar’s comments on women’s education and birth control.

Critics argue that while Kumar’s words may have been objectionable, the scale of the Manipur incident, involving sexual assault and public humiliation, is incomparable, and they question why PM Modi remained silent for so long.

The two controversies have become a focal point for discussions on women’s rights, the role of political leaders, and the responsibility of the government in addressing gender-based violence and sensitive issues related to population control.

The debates surrounding these incidents continue to evolve, with voices from all corners of society expressing their opinions, and they shed light on the challenges and responsibilities faced by political leaders in addressing complex and sensitive issues in India.

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