PM Vows to Triple the Effort on First Day of 18th Lok Sabha – Let’s See if That Sticks

On the first day of the 18th Lok Sabha session, reactions were mixed from both the ruling party and the opposition. Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the session as historic, with newly elected MPs taking their oaths in the new Parliament building for the first time since India’s Independence. He pledged to work “three times harder” but also criticized the Congress party, calling the 1975 Emergency a “black spot on the Constitution.”

The Congress responded by accusing Modi of using diversionary tactics and said his speech lacked new ideas for the 18th Lok Sabha. Despite the political sparring, Modi emphasized the importance of consensus in running a coalition government. He noted that while the BJP has 240 seats in the 543-member Lok Sabha, it still falls short of an absolute majority of 272 seats, highlighting the need for cooperation with allies and like-minded opposition parties.

Modi expressed pride in his government’s third consecutive term, stating that it reflects the people’s approval of their policies and dedication. He stressed the need for meaningful debate in the House, urging MPs to focus on substance rather than slogans. He also called for a strong and responsible opposition to meet the expectations of the public.

The Prime Minister extended an olive branch to the opposition, inviting them to join in nation-building efforts to achieve the goal of a developed India, or “Viksit Bharat,” by 2047. He emphasized the collective responsibility to lift 25 crore citizens out of poverty and to realize the dreams of Indian citizens through productive parliamentary sessions.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Home Minister Amit Shah, and Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, among others, were sworn in as members of the Lok Sabha. Despite protests from opposition members over the NEET paper leak, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan also took the oath.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh criticized Modi on social media, calling him a “non-biological PM” who had suffered a defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, referring to his speech as the usual address to the nation. This criticism underscores the continuing tension and political rivalry as the new session of the Lok Sabha begins.

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