The grave padlock image is not related to necrophilia or Pakistan?

A green grilled grave padlock which went viral on the social media claiming to prevent necrophilia was a fake propaganda which said that the Pakistani parents had put padlocks on their daughters graves to prevent necrophilia.

Not many people know about the term necrophilia. Necrophilia refers to a condition in which a person’s sexual attraction or intercourse involves a corpse.

A self signified atheist, Mr.Harris Sultan initially shared the image on the Twitter claiming that the graves were padlocked by the pakistani parents to safeguard their dead daughters from being raped.

An independent Indian based website for checking facts exposed the claim and discovered that the grave is actually located in the Madannapet area of Hyderabad in India and not in the Pakistan.

A visit was initiated by the NewsMeter to the graveyard in Darab Jung Colony of Madannapet locality  in Hyderabad state, it was observed that the grave was of Zaheen Begum, a 65 year old woman who died in July 2020. It was found that the grave was located at the entrance and because of which people used to step on those graves. So, to avoid this, Zaheen Begum’s family members built a grille to protect the grave in October 2020.

Muzzafar Hashmi, the youngest son of Zaheen Begum said to the NewsMeter that he found people throwing sanitary napkins and other waste materials into the graveyard and was spoiling the entire location. So, to protect his mother’s grave he planned to construct the grille. Public threw the waste by opening the grille and that’s the reason they locked the grille.

A detailed video was recorded by the Alt News in their action of finding the graveyard from the mosque to provide a detailed information to its readers. They contacted a social worker, who is a resident in the Madannapet locality to verify the presence of grilled graves in that cemetery. After verifying the grave, the social worker Muazzin Muqtar furnished the videos, photographs of the graveyard and also shared the facts which shattered all the fake news about the grave. The social worker claimed that the padlocked grave was constructed almost 2 years ago without the permission from the concerned people. The location of the grave is exactly near the entrance and the grille blocks the aisle. This issue was already discussed among the committee members of the mosque a week ago.

Mr. Muazzin further made a point that the padlock was built by the family members in order to prevent people from burying any other bodies. He also gave a statement that padlock has nothing to do with issues like necrophilia or Pakistan.

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