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Worlds fastest train now in China, ahead of Japan

China, a city of high-tech architecture. Citizens of China always think about going on adventures
and building high-tech cities. They give more importance to architecture, technology,
manufacturing industries, temples, and so on. China is the city where they utilize electromagnetic
force. The maglev train travels above the track with no contact between the body and rail. They
were into this usage for the past two decades on a very limited scale.
The report from Beijing stated that China unveiled a maglev train that can travel speeder at 600
kilometers per hour. The maximum speed of the train would help for self-development to China
and be manufactured at the coastal city of Qingdao, which has a record of the fastest ground
vehicle globally. Shanghai is a city that has a very short maglev line running from one place of
airports to the town. The cities of Chengdu and Shanghai had conducted research on building the
maglev lines that interconnects the city of china and this would help in speed. The time limit
shows that at 600kph it would take 2.5 hours to reach or travel from Beijing to Shanghai by train.
The journey takes almost 1000 kilometer and almost 620 miles. The journey by plane would take
3 hours and by high-speed rail, it would take 5.5 hours.
Like China, the countries like Japan and Germany were also looking forward to constructing the
high-speed maglev networks but the costs and incompatibility of current tracks and infrastructure
is holding up and remaining hurdles for the development of the cities.
The quality of china products will be very poor and this has made the big issue in the current
market trends. So the citizens of other countries and states were least bothered about the
technologies of china and this maglev made them feel a low quality, they were expecting the first
accident from this technology. So according to me, China initially looks into the usage of quality
materials to build the track and should develop the rail infrastructure from time to time. When
they develop and implement the quality work then they could expect the operation of the train in
10 years. Maglev trains are very popular in the cities of china but japan and South Korea also
were in the development stage. So they were the competitors of China concerning this

The city of japan is famous for the technology of magnetic levitation and this is a similar concept
to bullet trains. These trains use magnets to repel and push the train up off the track. Another set
of magnets will train to move the elevated ahead. The train looks like it’s floating. Another
specialty of this train is that it won’t cause many emissions and it runs much quieter. For time
being the maglev train are being used only in China but countries like Japan and Germany were
looking forward to implementing this in the next decade.

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