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“UN Officials Sound Alarm Over Risk of ‘Miscalculation’ on Israel-Lebanon Border”

United Nations officials based in Lebanon have issued a stark warning about the escalating cross-border conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, expressing deep concern over the potential for a wider war due to heightened tensions and recent military actions.

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, and Aroldo Lazaro, the head of UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, emphasized on Saturday the significant risk of miscalculation leading to an expanded conflict. In a joint statement, they called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and urged all parties involved to prioritize political and diplomatic solutions.

The recent clashes have seen Hezbollah launching its largest barrage of rockets and drones towards Israel since the beginning of the Gaza war on October 7. In response, Israel has intensified its attacks on Hezbollah targets and infrastructure in southern Lebanon. The ongoing exchange of fire, which has persisted for eight months, has fluctuated in intensity but has now reached a critical point prompting fears of further escalation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of his cabinet have issued strong statements vowing to restore security along the border, with some advocating for more aggressive military actions including a ground invasion. The death of senior Hezbollah commander Taleb Abdallah in a strike near Jouaiya has further fueled tensions, prompting Hezbollah to declare its intention to escalate attacks against Israel.

Recent developments include Hezbollah’s targeting of Israeli military bases with guided missiles and drones, and Israel’s military responding with airstrikes and artillery fire in southern Lebanon. The situation has unfolded against the backdrop of international efforts, notably by the United States and France, to broker a negotiated settlement to the conflict.

However, Israel’s Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, indicated on Friday that Israel would not participate in a trilateral framework proposed by France, underscoring the complexities and challenges in achieving a peaceful resolution.

The United Nations officials’ warning reflects growing international concern over the deteriorating security situation in the region and underscores the urgent need for de-escalation and dialogue to prevent further escalation into a broader conflict.

The situation remains fluid, with ongoing diplomatic efforts alongside continued military engagements on the ground. The international community continues to monitor developments closely amid fears of a potential humanitarian crisis and broader regional instability stemming from the Lebanon-Israel border tensions.

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