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Viral message Cautions to off your phone for 4 hours, against airtel, jio and Vi hiking recharge plans

There is a sudden raise in the prices of prepaid plans by 25% in reliance jio, airtel and Vodafone idea. A message is going viral and it is circulated in whatsApp groups appealing the users to switch off their phone for 4 hours on december 18th i.e tomorrow. This appeal is against the telecom companies for hiking the recharge price.

The recharge prices are raised by upto 25 percent on all the prepaid plans of Reliance jio, airtel and Vodafone Idea. The telecom network gave specification telling this is to offer better service and to get reasonable returns for their capital. Here the common subscribers are facing loss by considering the financial impact of this. There is a WhatsApp message passed which appeals the users to switch off the phones for 4 hours tomorrow inorder to get back to jio, airtel and Vodafone Idea. Under the section of the general public, there is a opposition against the hiking of prices and raised their call against the telecom companies.

The viral message asking the subscribers to shut down their mobile phones on December 18th from 10am to 2pm is being circulated all over the social media especially on WhatsApp as its very feasible for people to forward and update their WhatsApp status. The source of the information isn’t clear yet but it shows the disappointment on hike in recharge plan Price.

Switching off the device for 4 hours may or may not be an effective solution as we don’t know how many people will follow the viral message. 


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