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What is the better option to keep plastic out of land fills?        

             Recycling means less trash going to  landfills but the greatest environmental benefit of recycling is the conservation of energy and natural resources and the prevention of pollution that is generated when a raw material is used to make a new product.Recycling is contaminated when the wrong items are placed in the recycling bin. These contaminated items can damage sorting equipment and risk worker safety.They can also damage recyclables making them hard to re-sell. Most damaged recyclables end up in landfill.Landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution 80% of the items buried in landfills could be recycled.

It is good to recycle. There are certain acomplishments that’s responsible for distinguishing some sort of soda bottles, plastic bags and cups from the rest of garbage. Whatever methodology we use for cleaning and separating plastic, most end up in the trash heap. The food packages contain several layers of plastics and each plastic has to be recycled separately and these are difficult to recycle. The polypropylene in yogurt cups and other items are not recyclable. Recycling a mix of multicolored HDPE [High- Density polyethylene ]pieces creates a dark plastic good only for making products like park benches and waste bins. Chemists who understand the ins and outs of all this trouble causing plastic are working to make it easier to recycle and turn into higher-quality material that’s useful for more things.

            Plastic recycling is that every material has to be processed separately. Plastic recyclables is a material recovery facility where people and machines do the sorting. Separated plastics can then be washed , shredded,melted and remolded. This methodology is simple for some items like soda bottles and cups. Different kinds of plastic are used in deodorant containers where the bottle, crank and cap are made of different items . Every year, 100 million tons of multi layers are produced world wide when these plastics go to landfills.

  To dissolve individual plastic components, a series of liquid solvents are used in the process . Packaging contains polyethylene and PET [ Polyethylene Terephthalate].Plastic oxygen barrier made of ethylene vinyl alcohol, or EVOH [Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer] that keeps food fresh.

   Even if every piece of plastic trash could easily be recycled yet the world’s plastic problem would not be solved. Recycling of plastic can  break some of the chemical bonds in plastic molecules, affecting the strength and stability of the material . Before it has to be landfill it limits the recycling of plastic.

The solution to this problem could be in a new kind of recycling process called chemical recycling which makes  pure new plastic an infinite number of times. Chemical recycling involves separating plastics apart on the molecular level. The molecules that make up plastics are called polymers which are made of small monomers. Using heat and chemicals, it is possible to disassemble polymers into monomers, separate from dyes and other contaminants, and piece the monomers back together into good-as-new plastic. But most of the chemical recycling techniques are too expensive or energy intensive for commercial use.



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