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WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram stopped working?

Social media is the major source of communication and entertainment. Imagine what if they stop working and what we would go through?

Users across India are suffering, as app’s like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Facebook messenger aren’t working. They reported issues regarding app’s on Android, iOS and P.C. People found it difficult to Update news feeds on Facebook and Instagram. Sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp also become a problem .

As per the sources and tracking website DownDetector, over 38,000 people complained about the issue with WhatsApp, while Instagram and Facebook had registered more than 30000 and 16000 reports respectively.

This is not the first time that Facebook has encountered outage. Earlier also they had these issues. Users had complained about complete blackout on the website including Mobile app.

What is the reason behind this ? 

On Twitter the Social media gaint tweeted that the unavailability of services to users is due to a configuring change. It is being investigated and resolved. A huge number of users globally are disappointed as with in less than a month services has crashed again. The conditions are similar to the one which occurred on March 19 where the sites turned very slow for more than an hour.

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