When will Rahul Gandhi become Prime Minister? Astrologers make this prediction about his future

As the NDA prepares to form the government with Prime Minister Narendra Modi set to take the oath of office, the opposition alliance, INDIA, is making every effort to establish their own government. Amidst these political maneuvers, a different kind of speculation has emerged regarding the future of Rahul Gandhi. ABP News consulted astrologers to understand what Rahul Gandhi’s astrological chart says about his potential to become Prime Minister.

Astrologer Ashwini Sehgal analyzed Rahul Gandhi’s horoscope and concluded that it lacks the “Rajyog,” or royal combination, necessary for becoming a Prime Minister. He stated that the Sun, which is a crucial planet for attaining a position of power and authority, is not strong in Rahul Gandhi’s chart. In contrast, Sehgal described Narendra Modi’s horoscope as highly potent, attributing his global recognition and leadership capabilities to his strong astrological chart. According to Sehgal, Modi’s chart indicates that he is destined to elevate India to the status of a world leader.

Another astrologer, Anil Vats, also provided insights into Rahul Gandhi’s horoscope. Vats mentioned that while Rahul was born into a family of leaders, his chart does not support the attainment of Rajyog. He explained that Rahul Gandhi is currently under the influence of Rahu, a planetary period known to bring challenges. Furthermore, Vats pointed out that Mars is positioned in the 11th house of Gandhi’s chart and is conjunct with the Sun in the 6th house, suggesting that while Rahul may overcome personal enemies, he lacks the astrological combinations to achieve prime ministerial power.

The astrological assessments seem to draw a bleak picture for Rahul Gandhi’s political future in terms of becoming the Prime Minister. Both astrologers emphasized that despite being born in a prominent political family, the stars do not favor his rise to the highest executive office in India. They assert that Narendra Modi’s strong astrological chart not only favors his continued leadership but also suggests a significant role in shaping India’s global standing.

While astrology is a matter of belief, and many people do not subscribe to its interpretations, these predictions add an interesting dimension to the political discourse. For the supporters of Rahul Gandhi, these assessments might seem disheartening, while for Modi’s followers, they provide further assurance of their leader’s destined path.

As the political landscape evolves, it remains to be seen how much weight such astrological predictions will hold. However, for now, Narendra Modi’s impending swearing-in and the ongoing speculation about Rahul Gandhi’s future continue to capture public interest. Whether these astrological readings will influence political strategies or voter sentiments is uncertain, but they certainly contribute to the narrative surrounding India’s leadership dynamics.

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