2021- Will we see a new version of coronavirus?

2021- Will we see a new version of coronavirus?

Covid-19 affected several countries in 2020. Everyone has plans in their life, Unfortunately every plan in 2020 went into vain due to the covid-19 pandemic outbreak. People dying all over the world due to the coronavirus was a horrible sight. The 2020 pandemic had a great hit on economies all over the world. Many businesses have had a drastic fall in their income. A lot of companies were shut down and Few others laid off the company staff due to the loss. Companies started losing money and funds. Some of the companies that laid of staff are Uber Technologies, Lyft, Healthcare startup ,British airways Virgin Atlantic, WeWork India ,owned by reality firm Embassy group, Zomato, Bengaluru- based Unicorn swiggy, Airbnb Inc., US-based aeroplane major,Boeing , TripAdvisor and many more.

It all started with light fever, tiredness and dry cough . It is usual for people to think this is a normal cough but it turned out to be a deadly virus.who could have thought it would become a major crisis of 2020?

Import and export around the globe was also put to halt . The Novel coronavirus has not only spread rapidly and affected people around the world but also had a significant reduction in the income of global markets. There were patients filled in hospitals and there was a point where there was no more space in hospitals. The Government had taken the necessary steps and started allotting beds and other facilities for the Quarantined patients outside the hospital.

The novel coronavirus was mainly transmitted through the droplets generated by an infected person. When an infected Coughs, sneezes or exhales, anyone near that person are highly at risk of being affected . Since this virus spreads quickly the surrounding is contaminated and anyone who touches the contaminated surface and then their eyes, nose or mouth is infected.There were a lot of covid-19 waves seen and the officials made the right decisions by announcing lockdowns and trying their level best to sanitize all the places. There was a minimum amount of human interaction in this year (2020). Everyone stayed at their homes and it indeed gave the chance to learn how life can get upside down in just a matter of seconds.

Global economy and international financial markets suffered severely and are now as well , But here’s the thing, As we all thought things are getting better something even more worse is awaiting us for the upcoming year.

A new strain of covid-19 has been identified. This new virus that causes covid-19 has been identified in the UK. Some of the patients from South East England were tested positive and during the test it was revealed that a very new version of coronavirus was the cause. The infectious disease experts at the University of St.Andrews in Scotland say that this new strain of virus that causes covid-19 has about 20 appears that this mutation is even more powerful than the first one. This strain of coronavirus may be spreading more quickly than the previous one. Countries around the world temporarily stopped flight facilities to the UK. Several countries are now checking the list of passengers who flew from the UK to their country in the past few days and are trying to track them down to avoid further spread.

This new mutant of covid-19 may be leading to more cases and if not taken precautionary measures then we might have to lose more lives. As and when the businesses are recovering this might be a deadly knockdown. If the 2020 Covid pandemic was terrifying then let’s hope the new Mutants better not be a Nightmare. Government is taking precautionary measures to safeguard people. Let us not be lenient on ourselves because it costs our life.

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