Lifespan increased if resilience is maintained

Human beings, species of Homo sapiens are those animals on earth who can think, develop, make decisions, and can express their feelings in a different way. The lifespan of a human being varies from person to person but the average lifespan is around 80 years. They strive hard to increase their wealth as well as their lifespan to enjoy the wealth. There are many ways too through which psychiatrists teach human beings to increase their lifespan.

Recent research by Singapore-based Biotech Company Gero with data collected from the UK, USA, and Russia has proved that the maximum lifespan of a human being is up to 150 years if certain measures are followed. Resilience – the process and capacity of adapting oneself in adversity decide the lifespan of a human being according to the new research.

Human beings put themselves into so many stress factors which also leads to getting used to bad habits which become their daily routines. They forget to look after themselves and other things become their priority. Scientists have proved that a 40-year old person takes less time to recover from stress and diseases as compared to an 80-year old person who takes a little longer time to recover. Especially if a person is diagnosed with any disease or has faced any accident, their recovery rate degenerates as they grow older.

The scientists have collected the blood cells count and step counts which showcased the recovery period which differed from a youth to an old-aged person. The stressors, fluctuation in blood cell counts, and step counts gave the conclusion to the study that the recovery period prolongs as the person grows older. Through their study prove that if the resilience factor and aging factor are considered important at an early stage of life and a pattern is designed, many other factors of life come in place and the lifespan increases.

They say that the recovery rate is an important sign of aging that can guide the development of drugs to slow the process and extend healthspan. The research will help to understand the limits of longevity and future anti-aging interventions. What’s even more important, the study may help to bridge the gap between health and lifespan, which continues to widen in most developing countries.

Hence if there is a loss of resilience factor in life, the lifespan will increase along with that the quality of life would also increase over that period of time.

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