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A culture where people spit on each other.

A culture where people spit on each other.

The culture and traditions of tribes are always eye-catching. One of these are the Massai tribe who are from the borders of Southern Kenya and Tanzania and live in a village named ‘Amboseli”. They have an interesting ritual that astonished people of the modern world.

The ritual

Spitting on other men is an absolute disgrace in most cultures. We often do that to demean a few people, especially thieves or a person who betrays their country. Surprisingly, the Massai tribe has a whole different meaning for it. It is done to show gratitude, respect, bid farewell to friends, and bless others. Before shaking their hands with anyone they spit on their palm and perform the act of shaking hands.

Weddings are the most significant ritual in the Massai tribe where they bless their daughters and sons by spitting on their faces. This radical behavior is carried on to the newborn babies as well.

Way of life

People of this tribe rears cattle abundantly and mostly survive on them.

They need cattle to eat, blood, and manure. In the tribe, there are people known as warriors of the village who consume milk blended with blood which is rich in fat and protein. Like us, they are hygienic and give a thought about their looks, especially women, who love to spend a lot of time on their dressing. They regularly attire in red sheets known as shuka, wrapped around the body with beaded jewelry around their hands and neck that represents their vibrant artwork.

How is it a hotspot for tourism?

The Maasai are known for their generosity towards people, and this is the main reason tourists can approach them confidently. Apart from that, they feel proud to showcase their culture, clothes, and food. They also perform their spitting ritual to people as well as share their 400 years history.

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