Assam CM Warns Against ‘Chunavi Congress’s Hindutva’ in Madhya Pradesh.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma delivered a fiery address at an election rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa, vehemently urging the public to reject what he termed as the “Chunavi Congress’s Hindutva.” In a scathing critique, Sarma asserted that supporting the Congress was synonymous with endorsing figures from history, specifically citing “Babars and the Aurangzebs” and warning of potential repercussions for the nation. Sarma, known for his candid and assertive rhetoric, did not mince words as he drew a stark connection between voting for the Congress and empowering what he characterized as historical oppressors.

According to him, when Congress secures votes, it allegedly provides a platform for the resurgence of figures akin to “Babars,” and “Aurangzebs” are purportedly rejuvenated. He painted a vivid picture of the consequences, claiming that if the Congress were to emerge victorious, the nation would witness a resurgence of atrocities reminiscent of those associated with the mentioned historical figures.

The Chief Minister took a moment to highlight the situation in Karnataka, where the Congress has gained political control. Sarma asserted that this shift in power has led to an upswing in what he described as oppressive actions against the populace. In a rhetorical flourish, he urged the people of Madhya Pradesh to stand against what he perceives as the potential fallout of supporting the Congress, cautioning them against the alleged chaos and mischiefs that, in his view, accompany Congress victories.

The narrative presented by Sarma positioned the Congress as a political force that, once in power, purportedly allows historical figures like “Babars” and “Aurangzebs” to flourish, creating an environment conducive to oppression. His choice of words was deliberate, invoking historical symbols to underscore the perceived consequences of supporting the Congress. The reference to the Congress’s “Chunavi Hindutva” was a notable element, suggesting a strategic rejection of the party’s claim to a particular brand of Hindutva.

The address was not merely a critique but a call to action, imploring the electorate to reject what Sarma portrayed as the Congress’s version of Hindutva. The mention of rejecting the “Hindutva of ‘Chunavi’ Congress” served as a rallying cry for the people to align themselves against what Sarma deemed as a potential threat to the nation’s well-being. As election rhetoric unfolded, the speech in Khandwa became a focal point in the ongoing political discourse, adding fuel to the charged atmosphere of electoral politics in the region.

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