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Advancements in Automation and Cloud solutions brings 35% decline in demand for 5 IT Job roles.  

Over the past two years, there’s been a severe shift in the Indian IT Industry with a decline in 30-35% of demand for few roles. Some of the roles with significant drops are Desktop Support Engineer, MIS Executive, Linux System Administrator, Test Engineer, and Customer Support Engineer.

This decline is due to the advancements in automation and cloud solutions replacing the need for on-site support technicians. This may not be outdated but it is a sign of evolution. For example, Linux System Administrators now involve multifunctional roles like Server Administrator, Cloud Engineers, DevOps, and Virtualisation Engineers.

Industry experts advise tech professionals to upgrade by developing their skill sets due to the ongoing technological advancements. Skill adjacencies, or interconnected skills within a domain, are critical. For example, an IT support specialist can increase their career prospects by learning about network security, threat detection, and ethical hacking, transitioning into a cybersecurity analyst role.

CompTIA Security+ and CISSP are most recommended certifications to incur required knowledge and skill sets. It’s critical to go beyond adjoining skills and upskill in advancing roles. Through Machine Learning techniques, data analysts have a chance of becoming data scientists which gives them opportunities in data-driven organizations. 

Candidates must set learning sought-after skills such as data analytics, AI, and cloud computing. To stay relevant and visible in the evolving arena, it is essential to build references and certifications through formal assessments and projects. 

This shift has led to multifunctional roles in the Industry hence to remain relevant and marketable in the dynamic IT industry, tech Professionals must try to adapt in the shifting landscape through improving their skills, getting certifications, and upskilling in the growing areas like data science and cybersecurity. 


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