Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Injured in Stone Pelting Incident During Campaign Rally in Vijayawada

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy sustained injuries on Saturday evening after his convoy came under attack during an election campaign rally in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

According to reports, a group of miscreants began pelting stones at the Chief Minister’s bus as part of the rally, resulting in injuries to both Reddy and another person. The incident occurred at Vivekananda School Centre in Singh Nagar, Vijayawada, as the Chief Minister was acknowledging the enthusiastic crowds gathered for the rally.

The stone, believed to have been launched from a catapult due to its high velocity, struck Reddy on his left eyebrow. Immediate measures were taken by individuals present atop the bus, who provided initial aid by wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.

Medical attention was promptly provided to the Chief Minister inside the bus, where a doctor administered first aid to address his injuries.

Political leaders from various quarters swiftly condemned the attack on Reddy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his concerns on social media platform X, wishing for the speedy recovery and good health of the Andhra Pradesh CM. He tweeted, “I pray for the speedy recovery and good health of Andhra Pradesh CM @ysjagan Garu.”

Similarly, TDP Chief N Chandrababu Naidu denounced the incident, calling for an impartial inquiry into the matter. On X, he stated, “I strongly condemn the attack on @ysjagan. I request the @ECISVEEP to initiate an impartial and unbiased inquiry into the incident and punish the responsible officials.”

The incident has sparked concerns regarding the safety and security of political leaders during the election campaign period. Investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators of the attack and ensure accountability.

Further updates on the Chief Minister’s condition and the investigation into the incident are awaited.


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