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Amazon plane crash- 4 missing children found alive after 40 days in Amazon Forest.

Four children have survived the plane crash and were found alive in the Amazon jungle of Colombia, they had spent weeks together protecting themselves in the jungle.

The mother of those kids died in the plane crash on May 1st 2023 in the Jungle along with the two pilots.

Dozens of military people started searching for the kids along with the local people in the rescue operation.

The mother and her kids had been traveling in the Cessna 206 aircraft from Araracuara to San José del Guaviare before the flight crash.

The army had found three adult bodies at the accident site, but the kids escaped from the disaster and drifted towards the rainforest to ask for some help.

The rescuers started searching for the children and they discovered items like hair ties, bottles, makeshift shelter and a pair of scissors which were left behind by those kids. They also came across tiny footprints which made them believe that the kids are still alive in the jungle.

Few acquaintances of those kids expected them to be alive in the rainforest with the help of their jungle survival skills and knowledge about the fruits in the jungle.

Local people joined the rescuers and broadcasted a recorded message from the kids grandmother in the Huitoto language, asking them not to move further so that it will be easier to locate them.

The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro said that rescuing 4 siblings was ‘one of the joyful moments for the whole country’, these siblings were aged 13 years, 9 years, 4 years and  one year infant. He said that this rescue operation is considered a ‘magical day’. “These kids were all alone and managed themselves in the jungle, survived almost 40 days in the jungle,this will remain as a great example in history” he said.

Gustavo Petro shared an image of the military people and Indigenous community who were taking care of those children. A rescuer was feeding one of the children with a spoon and the other rescuer was holding a bottle to the mouth of the infant.

Colombia’s Ministry of defense shared a video showing a helicopter lifting children from the dark and tall trees of the jungle to Bogota (the capital of Colombia). They said that they never stopped looking for the kids until they found them. The kids were taken to the hospital in the ambulance for further medical treatments after the rescue to check their mental state and their health conditions.

Fatima Valencia,The grandmother of those four siblings gave a statement after the rescue that , “she is very much grateful to the military people and also to mother earth for letting the kids free. She said that the eldest sibling used to take care of the other three siblings when their mother was at office. They knew what to consume and this helped the kids to survive in the jungle by themselves.

Their grandfather, Mr.Fidencio Valencia requested the authorities to grant permission for the kids to relocate them from Bogota to Villavincencio with their family members. He apologized for bothering the President and said that it is his duty to take care of his family. He said that he and his wife experienced many sleepless nights thinking about their grandchildren.

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