Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu Begins New Term with Five Important Decisions

Andhra Pradesh’s newly sworn-in Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has swiftly embarked on his latest tenure by fulfilling key promises outlined during his party’s campaign. Taking office on Thursday, Naidu wasted no time in signing five crucial files that underscore his administration’s initial priorities. Firstly, he greenlit the Mega District Selection Committee notification to recruit 6,371 teachers, addressing the state’s educational needs promptly. Secondly, he committed to conducting a skill census aimed at bolstering youth employment prospects across Andhra Pradesh.

One of the significant decisions Naidu made was the revocation of the controversial Land Titling Act (APLTA), a move promised by his Telugu Desam Party (TDP) during the election. He criticized the APLTA, implemented under the previous administration, alleging it compromised citizens’ property rights by transferring land record data to a private company. This decision aligns with his pledge to safeguard public interests and prevent potential misuse of land records.

In a bid to support vulnerable sections of society, Naidu also increased social security pension amounts for elderly individuals, widows, and other beneficiaries from Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000. This move reflects his administration’s commitment to enhancing welfare measures for those most in need. Additionally, Naidu reinstated the Anna Canteens, a popular initiative from his previous tenure, aimed at providing affordable meals priced at Rs 5 to economically disadvantaged segments of the population. These canteens were shut down in 2019 by the YSR Congress government due to allegations of corruption.

Naidu’s return as Chief Minister for the fourth time marks a significant political milestone, highlighting his enduring influence in Andhra Pradesh politics. His oath-taking ceremony, attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other leaders of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), underscored the broad support garnered by his coalition. With a 24-member cabinet sworn in alongside him, including representatives from the TDP, Janasena Party, and BJP, Naidu’s administration starts with a robust mandate to govern the state. His immediate actions reflect a proactive approach towards fulfilling electoral promises and addressing pressing issues, setting the stage for his tenure’s early priorities and initiatives in Andhra Pradesh.

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