Prashant Kishor Accuses Nitish Kumar of Betraying Bihar’s People and Bowing to PM Modi

Political strategist and leader Prashant Kishor launched a fierce critique of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during a public meeting in Bhagalpur on Saturday. Kishor accused Kumar of “selling the pride of the state’s people” and “touching the feet” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to maintain his power. This remark referred to an incident where Kumar allegedly tried to touch Modi’s feet at an NDA Parliamentary Party meeting, just before the National Democratic Alliance formed the government following the Lok Sabha Elections.

Kishor expressed his dismay, stating, “Nitish Kumar sold the pride of Bihar’s people. The leader of 13 crore people, our pride, he is touching the feet in front of the entire nation. This man will become the chief minister.” He emphasized the drastic change in Kumar’s behavior over the years, contrasting his current actions with his stance in 2014. Kishor noted that back then, Kumar had not bowed to PM Modi and had not compromised his conscience.

Addressing the question of why he now opposes Kumar, despite having worked with him in the past, Kishor explained that Kumar was a different man in 2014. “People ask me why I am now criticizing Nitish Kumar, having worked with him in the past. He was a different man back then. In 2014, Nitish Kumar had not touched PM Modi’s feet… he didn’t sell his conscience back then. Today, he is ready to do anything to remain the chief minister,” Kishor said.

The Janata Dal (United) [JD(U)] won 12 seats in the Bihar Lok Sabha Elections, emerging as a crucial ally for the BJP in forming the NDA government at the Centre after the BJP fell short of a majority. Kishor questioned Kumar’s use of his political influence, suggesting that the Chief Minister prioritizes his position over the welfare of Bihar. “There is so much talk about Nitish Kumar playing a key role in Modi’s return to power. But how is the Bihar CM leveraging his position? He is not using his clout to ensure benefits for the state. He is touching feet to ensure that he remains in power, with BJP support, even after the 2025 assembly polls,” Kishor argued.

Prashant Kishor initially gained fame in 2014 for managing Modi’s successful Lok Sabha campaign. By 2021, he had transitioned away from political consultancy, having worked with several high-profile politicians, including Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal, and Jagan Mohan Reddy. Kishor’s criticisms of Nitish Kumar reflect his disappointment with the current political dynamics in Bihar and his concern for the state’s future under Kumar’s leadership.

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