“Assam CM Faces Criticism for Alleged Bias in Family Planning Remarks: 83% Hindus & 13% Muslims Exceeding 2 Children, Despite Himanta Having 6 Siblings”

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma sparked controversy during a public gathering in Bongaigaon on March 5, where he took a dig at All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) chief Badruddin Ajmal, suggesting that those who support Ajmal may have more than two children. Sarma made these remarks while launching Rs 150 crore worth of welfare works, highlighting his government’s commitment to addressing social issues like child marriage.

Sarma has been vocal about combating child marriage in Assam, recognizing it as a social malaise that requires proactive measures. Amidst concerns of gender discrimination and challenges in girls’ education, Sarma urged support for female education initiatives. The government’s announcement of financial incentives for female students passing various educational levels reflects Sarma’s commitment to promoting gender equality.

However, Sarma’s remarks targeting Ajmal and insinuating a correlation between support for him and larger family sizes have drawn criticism. Critics argue that such statements perpetuate divisive narratives, particularly when considering the demographic data. Despite Sarma’s focus on Muslims, statistics reveal that a significant majority of couples with more than two children are Hindu, not Muslim.

According to data, while 36% of Indian couples have more than two children, Hindus constitute a staggering 83%, compared to just 13% of Muslim couples. This stark contrast underscores the need to refrain from politicizing demographic issues and scapegoating specific communities.

Assam’s history illustrates peaceful coexistence between Hindus and Muslims, making Sarma’s rhetoric particularly contentious. Moreover, since joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Sarma’s language and demeanor have faced scrutiny, with instances of him resorting to abusive language towards political opponents like Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

As Assam grapples with complex social challenges, the role of leadership becomes paramount in fostering unity and addressing underlying issues. While Sarma’s initiatives towards combating child marriage and promoting girls’ education are commendable, his divisive rhetoric undermines these efforts.

Moving forward, there’s a need for inclusive policies that address systemic inequalities and foster a culture of tolerance and understanding among communities. As Assam progresses, it’s imperative for leaders like Sarma to prioritize unity and inclusivity, steering the state towards a path of progress and harmony.


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