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Israel Intensifies Gaza Strikes as U.S. Envoy Meets Netanyahu

Israeli Air and Ground Assaults in Gaza Amid High-Level U.S. Talks

Israeli planes and tanks launched extensive strikes across the Gaza Strip, according to residents, as White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday. The meeting focused on U.S. calls for a more precise military campaign against Hamas militants.

Targeted Strikes vs. Full-Scale Assault

Sullivan urged Israel to conduct targeted operations against Hamas instead of a large-scale assault on the southern city of Rafah. Israel considers Rafah the last stronghold of Hamas forces. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have fled, with Majid Omran describing how his family returned to the rubble of their home in Khan Younis after seeking refuge.

Operations in Jabalia

Israeli forces also intensified operations in Jabalia, northern Gaza’s largest refugee camp. The Israeli military aims to dismantle Hamas’ presence there, claiming their actions are precise and focused on eliminating armed terrorist cells.

Talks and Tensions

Before Sunday’s discussions, an Israeli official indicated that Netanyahu would emphasize the importance of continuing operations in Rafah. The U.S. has expressed concerns about the displacement of Palestinians, but Israeli officials argue the evacuation of half the city’s population in 12 days demonstrates feasibility.

Tunnels and Threats

Israel has discovered numerous tunnels under Rafah, allegedly used by Hamas to smuggle weapons and potentially hostages into Egypt. This has raised security concerns, with Deputy Israeli State Attorney Noam Gilad highlighting the threat during a hearing at The Hague.

Humanitarian Concerns

The ongoing conflict has led to significant casualties. On Sunday, at least 28 Palestinians were reported killed, primarily in a strike on a house in Nuseirat. Gaza health officials report over 35,000 Palestinians killed since October 7. The U.S. has stressed the need for adequate shelter for displaced Palestinians.

Aid Efforts

The U.S. military has started moving aid into Gaza via a temporary pier, the first by sea in weeks. This effort aims to address the severe shortages of food, fuel, and medical supplies. However, the Popular Resistance Committee and Hamas have expressed concerns, warning against any foreign military presence in Gaza.

Casualties and Captives

The conflict began with a Hamas assault on Israel on October 7, resulting in 1,200 Israeli deaths and about 125 captives remaining in Gaza. The ongoing Israeli strikes have led to significant Palestinian casualties and worsening humanitarian conditions.

As the situation evolves, both military actions and diplomatic efforts continue to shape the conflict’s trajectory, with significant implications for the region’s stability and humanitarian welfare.

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