Atiq Ahmed, former MP & gangster, shot dead. The Supreme Court had given custody to the police.

Ex- Gangster come Politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf, who was escorted by police for a medical check-up to a hospital were shot by a gun on their head in Allahabad in the midst of the mediapersons and armed forces.

After the bullet shots, three men who were masked themselves as journalists surrendered immediately  and were taken into safe custody.

The policeman said that three enemies of those brothers had masked themselves as news reporters and were involved in this incident. The whole incident of gunfire was caught on the camera, as the media people were following those brothers in the hospital.

Nobody was injured in that spot except for those two Gangsters. The police said that all three men were defeated by the patrol and were restricted from entering the spot.

Arun Maurya, Lawesh Tiwari and Sunny were the three people who were identified as assailants and were arrested by the cops.

Lots of cases were filed against Atiq Ahmed, including cheating,  kidnapping and murdering in the past few years. A criminal court sentenced lifetime imprisonment for Atiq and his two friends in a kidnapping case this year.

Police shot Atiqs teenage son Asad a few days back , Ashraf and Ahmed was talking with the news reporters and when they asked Atiq whether he was allowed to go for his son’s funeral,he replied that they didn’t take them ,so they didn’t go and those were the last few words from him.

Atiq and Ashraf were shot after two days of Asad’s encounter by Uttar Pradesh police which triggered the political issues and accusations that the encounter was pre-planned by the police department.

Vijay Mishra, Ahmad’s lawyer said that the incident was really shocking and it is a clear negligence of the police officers who had the responsibility to take care of their custodians.

The cop who was present at the spot said that all this incident happened within no time. Atiq and Ashraf were standing together ,Atiq was answering the questions posted by the journalists and Ashraf was standing next to him, both of them were handcuffed. All of a sudden, a man from the crowd shot Atiq in his head and before Ashraf could respond, he  was also shot on his head. The 2-3 men kept on firing at Atiq and Ashraf even after they were dead.

Brijlal Khabri,Congress Committee President of Uttar Pradesh demanded for an investigation into the occurrence of this event and said that any kind of killings/death under the security of police raises a question to the public on accusations of mock encounters and none of the state government can escape from this important responsibility of facing the allegations on false encounters.

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