Autos and Bike turned into ambulances to save the lives of people as India’s health infrastructure topples.

The spike in active covid cases and the death rate as India’s health infrastructure has lost its balance. While there is huge demand for medical oxygen, hospital beds and vaccines to save lives of the patients, many lives have gone for a toss because of shortage of ambulance services . It is such a pain to listen that people breathe their last on their way to hospital due to lack of timely ambulance services. On top of these issues, unexpected monetary demands of selfish private ambulance operators is making the condition even more worse for the common people. 

Though the state governments stepped in to regulate the rates, it could not bridge the gap between private sector and government. For instance, ambulance operators had gone on a strike when the Haryana government tried to regulate the price. So it was a challenge for the patients to deal with this crisis.

In order to overcome this crisis two-wheeler(bike) and three-wheeler (auto rickshaws) are being utilized to provide free ambulance services to the patients all over India. In major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka and Ahmedabad various government and non government organizations have come forward to help the patients reach hospitals and testing centers with the help of these newly introduced “auto ambulances”.

An engineer in Madhya Pradesh Mr. Aziz Khan who was very disappointed after listening to the demands of ambulance operators decided to set up a “bike Ambulance” with all the essential medicines and oxygen cylinder required for the patients at an expense of Rs.30,000 only. In return the patient’s family has to refill the oxygen cylinder after reaching the hospital.

Manjunath Pujari of 41 years from Belgum, Karnataka has secured a place in Indian Books of Record for saving 300 lives through his auto ambulance rides. Earlier He had been helping pregnant women and people suffering a heart attack by providing auto rides. Now he has come forward to help Covid patients as well.

As we all know the active cases in Mumbai are huge in number, therefore a teacher Mr. Dattatraya Sawanth who is also a part-time auto driver decided to give free auto ambulance rides to those infected by coronavirus in northeast Mumbai.

In the capital city with the help of TYCIA Foundation the government launched 10 auto ambulances last week to help the covid patients. To ensure safety the auto ambulances are equipped with sanitizers and oxygen cylinders. Along with that the auto drivers are provided with a personal protective equipment kit. There is a condition to be eligible to avail this service, that is the patient’s oxygen level should be between 85-90.

Panah Foundation which is an non-governmental organization (NGO) has also launched 10 auto ambulances for covid patients. But in Ahmedabad they are struggling to meet the daily demands. So they have decided to provide services only to those who need hospitalization or in need to reach a laboratory for a test or a high-resolution CT scan.  

It is very hopeful to see these people, government and non government organizations trying to help the common people across the country by providing free auto and bike ambulance rides while battling the deadly infection. 

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